Remember the Home Front?

Yeah. I got a reminder this morning that my life is highly resistant to planning ahead. I had planned to go to lunch with a friend of mine. We were going to spend several hours out and about doing shopping and lunch and that sort of thing. I would be home in plenty of time to greet my husband and son when they get home. No such luck. Now I have a mandatory appointment at 11:15, and my son’s after school care bailed on me because her helper bailed on her – so I have to be here at 2pm when he gets off the bus. 

I’ve spent half the morning trying not to sulk, only to find out that my friend won’t be able to make it either. I may indulge myself and sulk anyway. I could. I won’t, but I could throw quite a pity party.

I think part of my angst stems from being between edits. I’m not good at wasting time. I don’t vacation well. I really prefer working over nearly anything else. Even my hobbies are productive hobbies, and when I’m faced with too much time and not enough to do I tend to learn a new productive hobby. The last time I had an extended break I taught myself tatting. Now I can make an inch of lace an hour – whoo! Just look at me go.

While I’m waiting I should probably be writing my own novels, if only to keep from suddenly developing a burning need to learn batik. At least writing is affordable!



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