Thank Goodness!

Shawna Romkey just got her round of edits back to me for ‘Speak of the Devil’. Whew! Now I’ll have something to do the next day or two! Plus, I get to read the story again. (insert evil grin here)

Shawna’s off to her annual writer’s retreat. I’ve never tried one of those, so I’m not sure how they work. Put me in a room with my writing friends and we’re more likely to argue, talk, and giggle over everything under the sun than we are to actually write. I’ve seriously had discussions with one writing friend that ranged from her stud dog being a devious little bastard, to folding time and space, to Persian-inspired cartoons. I wonder if writing at a writing retreat is difficult with the temptation of all those other intelligent people to talk to right there.  Of course, this is from the perspective of someone who spent ten years homeschooling children – the prospect of genuine conversation with grown-ups is still pretty tempting even years later!

How do you write best? Do you work better with people around? Do you prefer to bounce your ideas off someone right then, before putting them into the story? Do you have to be in a certain ‘mood’ to write? Do you wait for inspiration, do you stare down the empty page until something happens, or do you pull out a writing prompt and write at least something whether the words like it or not?

All I need is a quiet house and a computer and I’m set. Of course, with a family how often does that happen? Right now my little guy has two days off from school because of the teachers’ conference, which seems to be a lot like a writer’s retreat – with less wine, I hope – so ‘no distractions’ isn’t even a vague possibility. He’s not particularly noisy, especially when he refuses to wear his speaking valve, but he still needs watching to make sure that squeaking is his fingers on the linoleum, not his head. For all that I’d rather have him squeaking the linoleum than being quiet. We all know what kind of disasters can happen when the kids are quiet!



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2 responses to “Thank Goodness!

  1. Desperately need quiet. It rarely happens with a four year old, a husband that works from home, my father who lives with us, and two dogs. I often find myself wearing headphones and pretending that the background noise doesn’t exist–and this precious time only happens when the kid is at preschool or asleep. I like to fantasize about a beautiful office with a view and a door that locks. Even by myself I am easily distracted, so the less outside distractions, the more productive I am–usually.


  2. robitille

    I know the feeling! I bought one of those jumbo economy-sized containers of foam earplugs. They’re neon orange. You’d think if you looked at someone and there was something neon orange in their ear you’d get the idea that they really aren’t listening to you. My family? Not so much. They just get irritated that I’m not instantaneously available for every conversational whim that strikes them. I’ve been thinking about putting up another building in the back yard. I want one of the little ‘garden sheds’ the local Mennonites sell (they’re really the cutest little mini-houses). I would insulate it and wire it and have running water… *sigh*


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