Pleasantly Busy

Ahhh. That’s the sound of a happy workaholic. Now I have two manuscripts to work on editing this weekend. That might keep me busy ’till Monday – maybe even Tuesday!  I get to dive back into Shawna Romkey’s ‘Speak of the Devil’ and Jody A. Kessler’s ‘Death Lies Between Us’ this weekend and immerse myself in the worlds these talented authors have created. Of course, every time I finish a round I have an even stronger ‘gotta have it’ urge to get my hand on the sequels. Seriously. I’ve been known to beg.

Have you ever read a book you enjoyed enough that you went looking for more in the series or more by the same author? I tend to ‘fall in love’ with a world and I’ll look for more books in the series, often buying all of the books in the series that I can find in one fell swoop. If the book isn’t a series I almost mourn that there’s nothing more to read about the world I liked so much, but I’ll look for other books from the same author hoping to find something as good. Sometimes I find something delightful, sometimes I’m disappointed. Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan books are some of my favorite books to read, but her book ‘The Spirit Ring’ left me cold and was honestly difficult to trudge through. Tad Williams’ Memory Sorrow and Thorn series starting with ‘The Dragonbone Chair’ is one of my favorite epic fantasy series, nearly on a level with LOTR, but ‘Otherland’ was boring and I haven’t bothered to investigate anything of his since. On the other hand, I’ve never been disappointed by anything Elizabeth Moon has written, no matter what series or who her co-author is this time around, and the same goes for Margaret Weis and the husband-and-wife team Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

What about you? Do you devour whole series and wait impatiently for the next book? Do you check out everything by the author of your new favorite book?


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