Productive Weekend

I had a good weekend. I finished the round 2 edits on Shawna Romkey’s ‘Speak of the Devil’ and I’m very nearly done with the round 2 edits on Jody A Kessler’s ‘Death Lies Between Us’. Honestly, I’m hoping to finish round 2 for Jody by this time tomorrow. I like working, I really like working. Now I just have to hope that Rusty Fischer’s trip goes well and I can get ‘Reanimation Reform School’ back for round 2 soon, otherwise I’ll find myself begging Steph and Marlene over at Crescent Moon Press for another manuscript to work on! I know I will be anyway, since Shawna’s edits are just about entirely done and Jody shouldn’t need too much more either. I have no idea how anyone puts up with me, considering that I’m forever pestering them to give me something to do.

On the home front, the teenager applied for a job at the local grocery store today. I’m not so sure that he’s all that enthused about it, but I’m pretty sure that his girlfriend is hoping he’ll get it. My little guy found his ‘fancy’ hammer with the ruler in the head and the file in the handle and his squeaky orca. You would be surprised at the havoc one small handicapped boy can cause with a squeaky toy and a plastic hammer. I think he’s “fixed” every chair in the kitchen twice. I’m seriously thinking about researching who invented the squeaker so that I can speak poorly of the almost-assuredly dead. I know, the solution would probably be to put the squeak toy away, but he really loves his Squeaky and he would be terribly upset. The plan at this point is to distract him with stuffed animals – Eleven, the pig (named because when he’s holding his piggy he has eleven piggies), particularly.


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