Storm Induced Boredom

I love the books I’m editing. They have wonderful worlds, well-rounded characters, and a nice blend of action and character growth. I love the authors I’m working with. They’re dedicated individuals willing to really work on their manuscripts to see them shine. I don’t love boredom.

Why am I bored? I’m bored because everyone’s done now, or ‘within spitting distance’ of done. I would whine to Crescent Moon Press; I think Marlene Castricato and Steph Murray are used to me pleading for more work by now. Right now I’m honestly more worried about their safety than fussing at them for more work, but that still leaves me with very little left to do as far as my work load goes.

Shawna Romkey’s ‘Speak of the Devil’ is done save for the final tidying up of comments and tracking. Jody A. Kessler’s ‘Death Lies Between Us’ just needs final approvals and then tidying up. Rusty Fischer’s ‘Reanimation Reform School’ is in about the same place. I’m going to miss all of these books, and worlds, and hope that all three of these authors work on sequels… with the hurrying and the typing and the moving it along now!

So, at a loss for anything else I can use for an excuse to avoid it, I’m actually going to be working on one of my novels. No, it’s not a romance novel… and I may actually wind up working on both the urban fantasy series and the science fiction (space opera, really) series at the same time just to keep my brains from leaking out of my ears. However, my intent is to work on the science fiction series for the time being.

The book I’m working on is actually an epiphany piece. I realized just recently that the book I’d worked on off and on for years is actually more like book three in the series. My beta readers could never understand the whys and wherefores of the relationships or ‘get’ the in-jokes because I was leaving out so much back story as inconsequential to the story at hand.


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