A Day Without the Internet


This week has been incredibly interesting. Some good things, some bad. Most notably, I spend a whole day with no Internet. Coping with Fairpoint first claiming that it was my router then, after I bought a brand new one,  finally admitting that it was a problem with their network, is what brought about creating the above “LOL” on icanhazcheezburger.com. Just trying to get them to admit that they were the ones with the problem was just like giving an enema to an octopus.

A day without the Internet; oh, the shuddering horror! Actually, it might not have been so bad if I had already downloaded the second-round edit file for Wendy S. Russo’s January Black, but I got it about two minutes before the Internet died on me. The teenager got twitchy pretty fast – his phone (currently only working on WiFi), XBox online multi-player thing, Netflix, etc. were all gone.  With no work for me to do I was forced – forcedI say! – to work on editing my synopsis and book “stuff”. Oh woe is me, right? I did actually try to fluff off and read a book, but I couldn’t sit still and pay attention for more than three chapters. That may say something about the author’s work or it might say something about my attention span. Right now I’m reading Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye. So far, so good. My little guy seems to like it reasonably well, which is always part of my criteria when judging how well a YA book “works”. He’s legally deaf-blind, but he does love to listen to stories. I know it’s a really good YA book when he starts signing a mile a minute about the story – nothing yet, but the first few chapters are a ‘slow build’, so it still has time to capture his interest.

In good news… I start my new job at Intralot on the 5th. I’ll be working nights, twelve hour shifts. It’s entry-level, but I can cope with that because it will be official, full-time, ‘professional’ experience. Funny thing was, I think I almost got scooped up for a Business Analyst position with the company but in New Hampshire because someone noticed I can write code.  Who knows, right?

Today we have a birthday to celebrate, so I can’t be nattering on at the world for too long. Little Man is twelve today. He wasn’t “supposed” to live to be six months old, at least according to the first two NICU doctors he had, so I think he’s more than proved them wrong!


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  1. Great post, Melissa, and happy belated birthday to the almost-teen. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Here’s the info: http://marnycopal.wordpress.com/

    Best wishes,


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