Definitely a Job

Yes, after nearly three months I’m finally ‘gainfully employed’ again. It’s a relief, obviously. Thankfully this won’t take up the time I devote to editing – that’s always a constant – but it does take up the time I’d been using for my own writing. On the other hand, I can still do that on my days off, so it’s still a win-win situation.

Editing – I think I’ve mentioned how much I love Wendy S. Russo’s January Black, but I really have to say that this book is extremely good. As a History buff (the first half of my Bachelor’s involved a lot of History credits) and what I like to call a Constitutional Libertarian, this really is one of the best takes on how the core ideas of the founding fathers apply to a modern society that has forgotten Liberty. Right now I’m giving the book its final nit-picky edit, which always takes the longest of any edit anyway, but I can’t help but enjoy how well Ms. Russo presents the subject matter while still remaining entertaining.

My writing – I’ve been working on editing the character-by-character individual synopses for Smuggler’s Justice and I’ve got  it out being Beta read. No feedback yet, but I would choose people who have very little time to read, wouldn’t I? I’ve started putting together the framework for the next book in the series, but I haven’t firmed up the title just yet. Right now I’m working with the title Smuggler’s Capture, but I’m not entirely sure that’s where I’m going to go with it. 

I really would like to carry on about the plot of the next book and ‘stream of consciousness’ think it out in writing here, but that would offer some serious spoilers for Smuggler’s Justice, and no one likes spoilers.

More on a day when I’m not working!


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