Fleeting Fascination

I may have mentioned that I have the attention span of a gnat. If I haven’t it was probably because I got distracted. I’ve been dancing the gavotte of my fleeting fascination with colourlovers.com the past week or so. Until you figure out how to make more interesting shapes and arrange them in pleasing patterns, it’s pretty much coloring for grown-ups. I’ll admit that at first it was a simple distraction, but then I discovered it links into Spoonflower.com, so you can make these patterns into fabric. Can you see the evil grin? I got prints of a couple of the patterns I’d made. The shades of pink through light coral scroll and lacework came out quite nicely. The extremely pale blue/gray (should “look” silver) lace fans on Prussian blue came out quite poorly, I thought. There really wasn’t anywhere near enough color saturation in the Prussian blue. I’ll have to go in and adjust the colors and try again to see if they can come up with something with more pop. The silk crepe de chine I had the two patterns printed on is a fairly nice blouse weight, but not a bottom weight or dress weight by any stretch of the imagination. 

Never fear, I’m still editing. I’m actually working on the absolute final very last check on January Black by Wendy S. Russo. I had planned on having it completely done by yesterday, but decided to run just one more check on it and I’m glad I did – I had missed a few little things. So I’ll have it completed – probably before noon today – and then I’ll miss it until it’s released by Crescent Moon Press and I can buy myself a copy! 

The job continues to be a decent place to be. “The boys” are decent folk, even though they’re really very different from me. For one thing, neither of them reads. Oh, they can read, they just don’t do any unless it’s a Facebook post or shorter. Music in the office is chaos. And, of course, they’re silly. They’re boys, so of course they’re silly. 

On the home front…

The teenager seems to be doing well with his new job and was quite pleased with himself that he managed to get his girlfriend a nice present for Christmas. Naturally, I helped with the shopping because he didn’t know how to shop for jewelry on eBay. Personally, I love eBay for that sort of thing… most things, really. Okay, I just like shopping. Fine. You caught me. Stop snickering.  I could have gotten him a better deal on the chain to go with the pendant, but he wanted to do that himself – and spend four times as much! Yes, I’m one of those bargain hunters that views paying retail as an affront to decency. 

Little Man is deeply enjoying his little vacation from school, and we’ve got twinkle lights (fairy lights, whatever) hung in the kitchen for him to look at and enjoy. 

Himself is doing well and also enjoying a little vacation – when the college is on break, there aren’t students to feed, after all. 



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4 responses to “Fleeting Fascination

  1. very nice!!! It is good to read about living life.


  2. I shop on eBay sometimes, but unless there is a ‘Buy It Now’ option, I always lose the auctions. 😦 But other online shopping is the best therapy ever!


    • robitille

      I tend to bid as much as I’m willing to pay (taking into consideration the shipping charge) with about a minute to go on the auction. I figure if I get it for my price or less I’m getting the bargain I wanted and if I don’t it was going to be out of my price range no matter what I did. It helps to be bidding in a section with a lot of similar items so there isn’t likely to be a bidding war to drive the price up. I never seem to be able to get shoes, for instance, because I wear an unusual size for a woman and my competition tends to be pretty fierce. Well, you can imagine that 12EEEs are fairly rare, especially if they’re cute shoes! Online shopping for me is an expedition into the wilds of the economy hunting the Great Big Bargain. :c)


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