And they call it…

I’ve got ‘Bella Notte running through my head and I’m muttering to myself about the title of book #2 in the series. The first, of course, was Smuggler’s Justice. Should the second be Smuggler’s Capture or Smuggler’s Pursuit? I’m leaning towards the latter, since it focuses more on the pursuit of Melia’s quarry. The former could be seen as misleading the reader. I don’t know about you, but as a reader I get pretty peeved with writers who give books in a series titles that sound like spoilers and then go in an entirely different direction from that hinted at in the title.

I’m still hunting for Beta readers for Smuggler’s Justice, so even that isn’t as complete as I would like. I also need to do further research into agents and publishers, particularly with a view towards a publisher who would be interested in a science fiction series rather than a one-off. At this point I can’t see an end-point for the series, so I don’t know how long it’s going to be. So far I’ve got six books rough-plotted and material enough for at least three more after that.

I’ve turned on my Spotify for tonight’s writing. I believe I like Spotify better than I like Pandora because I don’t get “stuck” listening to songs that I don’t like. On the other hand, Pandora gives me a new song or two to throw on my Spotify playlist. Of course, my writing playlist – Writing – is already a day’s worth of music, so I’m in no danger of running out. I may throw some more mellow music at it tonight, though, since I’m in the mood for a more Dean Martin / Perry Como / Frank Sinatra vibe. Probably not great for writing dystopian science fiction with a space opera bent, but there you have it. I could just listen to my Mellow playlist, but I do want to get some writing done tonight.

Editing – sadly, at least for me, I’m all done with editing January Black. I enjoyed working with Wendy S. Russo and I’m really going to miss her characters. I know, as an editor I need to learn to distance myself more so I don’t get so sad when I’m done with a book! On the other hand, it’s probably a good sign for the book’s prospects if I do get a book hangover rather than being heartily sick of the characters by the third – or fifth, or fifteenth! – read-through. I’ll probably wind up e-mailing Marlene at Crescent Moon Press for another book to edit before dawn, but that’s just because I don’t cope well with no work to do.

On the home front –

The teenager is at loose ends, since the girlfriend is heading off for an out-of-state visit with family… I think. I get a lot of information second-hand around here; it’s one of the hazards of sleeping during the day and working nights. I still haven’t heard one way or the other if the girlfriend plotzed over the pendant and chain.

Little Man is quite delighted with himself, his bucket of plastic horses, and his twinkle lights. He’s added his dozen or so new horses to his plastic and resin menagerie of toy animals, introducing them to the rest with a lot of ‘horse noises’, which are apparently going to be a somewhat drier version of a raspberry. He loves farm things. We had a short chat via Facebook’s chat feature with his very best friend, who goes to the farm with him on Wednesdays. He’s missing her and his weekly visit with the Angora bunnies something fierce!

Himself would be enjoying his vacation more if Little Man would sleep past 3:30 a.m.

As for me – I had a sad spell. For just a moment, that moment between sleeping and waking, I could almost believe that the last 5 years and 5 days was a terrible dream and the voices I could hear of a gaggle of little girls were my little girls. I try to push all that emotion off and ignore it as much as I possibly can, but I did wind up having a crying jag. Thankfully, most of the time I don’t have a sonic assault creep up on me when I’m vulnerable so I can keep it under control and soldier on. On the up side, the neighbor’s daughters and their friends seemed to be having a good time selling hot cocoa despite what is shaping up to be another miserably cold evening. It was good to see their happy little faces and get Himself some fairly watery warm cocoa – it definitely wasn’t hot cocoa anymore by the time I got it back across the street, not in this weather!



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6 responses to “And they call it…

  1. I like Smuggler’s Pursuit better. Are you leaning more towards querying agents or small publishers with Smuggler’s Justice? Do they have romance in them? I can give you some ideas for reputable publishers if you’d like…


    • robitille

      I’m leaning towards completely chickening out and going self-pub with a combination of CreateSpace and SmashWords or KDP, to be quite honest. So I’m dragging myself kicking and screaming through the process of at least querying some agents and some publishers so that this time I won’t think back and say ‘I should have…’ with regret. There isn’t a shred of romance in them. It’s more like Matlock in that respect; you know the lawyer hasn’t got the hots for the client. I’ve submitted to Mercury Ink, if only because I think the underlying social commentary best suits their world view. I’m steeling myself to submit to Baen because they publish most of what I love to read – I think I’ll need to get an agent to submit to Ace or Tor. I don’t know of any small presses that “do” straight-up space opera science fiction – most seem to want at least some romance, and there *might* be some somewhere along in the course of the series (out past book 6 anyway), but I doubt that they’re going to want to wait that long.


      • You might also look into Candlemark and Gleam, Musa, QuirkBooks, and Snow Books. I’m guessing CMP would be a conflict of interest though they do take science fiction! Good luck!


      • robitille

        Thanks, Lindsey! :c) All 4 publishers look like real possibilities – I’ll submit to them in February if I don’t hear back from Mercury Ink. I like Snow Books quite a bit as they’re the publisher for some books I’ve really enjoyed. If they’re not right for this series they’ll certainly be a prime candidate for publishing the urban fantasy series I’ve got on the back burner for the moment. CMP would be a conflict of interest, and they also want a thread of romance running through, and I’m just not in the headspace to write that at this point in my life. It’s not that I don’t like to read a good romance, it’s just that all the romance got knocked out of my head & heart by life events since 2000. If I ever find it again I’ll probably continue the Blackstone series – those would work well for CMP.


  2. I like Pursuit better, too. .)


    • robitille

      That’s pretty much where I’m leaning. Yes, there’s a capture involved, but it’s not the “right” one, so it seems like going with Capture would be a nasty bait and switch to pull on the readers.


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