I Want My Own Gadgets

I wonder if this happens to other Science Fiction authors. I find myself really wanting the gadgets I ‘invent’ in the course of writing. Friends who’ve read my earlier attempts have agreed, particularly on one modification of a science fiction staple – the sanitizer unit. It isn’t quite the Jetson-esque moving walkway through a booth that seemed more a car wash for people to me as a child. I’m envisioning it more like a shower stall with a door – you go in dirty, you come out clean, you throw in dirty clothes, they come out clean – no water needed, and enough ‘smarts’ to it that it exfoliates as it goes without ripping your skin off wholesale. No towels, no wet hair, no hair dryer. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Another I’d like is an anti-grav sled. Just think how handy it would be for all sorts of things – yard work, furniture moving, trips to the library… Okay, maybe I’m the only person who winds up taking their child’s little red wagon on trips to the library.

While I detest the idea of the Personality Imprint of a Registered Intellect, I actively lust after the technology that would have enough storage and computational power to contain all the memories and all the rationality and ability to learn of a genius-level human being on something the size of a one carat diamond. Just imagine the computers we could get out of that kind of technology!

I want a food production unit. Given that it needs to be stocked with what would be the ‘building blocks’ for food – basic proteins, carbohydrates, and fats plus water, vitamins and minerals, regardless of source or quality since they’ll only be re-arranged – it would be significantly cheaper on food bills, production of food could become much more streamlined save for the luxury of “real” food served in fancy restaurants… I know, terribly Trekkie of me, but I would be quite delighted to not have to cook. Better yet, everyone in the family could have what they want for a meal without doing the ‘refrigerator lean’ or arguing over what everyone’s in the ‘mood’ for.

I want a medical bay. You go in burnt, battered, bruised, broken, or otherwise in bad shape and you come out whole. I’m thinking nanotech for that. I would certainly like one for fixing up all sorts of friends and family to bring them back up to hale and hearty and generally ‘up to spec’. I think everyone who has lost someone to something stupid – like cancer or heart disease – would like a medical bay.

I would sincerely like a Metabo implant. I think it’s the dream of every fat girl who ever lived, though. I would love a magical medical something that would make my idiot metabolism work well enough that it would take the exercise I do seriously rather than laughing and saying, “You’re working up a sweat? OMG! I better store more fat!” A Beauty implant might be nice as well, though I’ve grown accustomed enough to my face that a stranger in the mirror might be a bit disconcerting. Speed, Strength, Reflex, and Pilot aren’t so much of interest to me, though if I had access to anything that would fly I would love to be able to fly it competently. I’ve only made the one trip by airplane, down to Tampa and back, but I wish I could fly again. 



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5 responses to “I Want My Own Gadgets

  1. I want Hadrian’s swing, so I totally know what you mean 🙂


  2. I want an automated supplier thingy. It’s a control panel in the wall, and you just punch in what you want, and it spits it out. Like chocolate. Oooooh, that could be dangerous! 😉


    • robitille

      Yep. Food production unit. On the plus side, there’s no reason why whatever is produced couldn’t *TASTE* like chocolate without having all the calories… *evil grin*


      • My favorite food production unit is the one from The Fifth Element. Put a capsule into the unit, get roasted chicken dinner out of it. Not as advanced as Star Trek TNG’s, but…maybe it’s the way Leeloo says “chicken” when she takes the think out of the unit, I just like it better.


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