Interesting Times

Have you ever felt like the universe just said ‘well, we can’t have that‘ to every time you ever whined about being bored all at once?

I’ve gotten my impatient and acquisitive little mitts on at least two, possibly three, new editing projects. First is Denna Holm’s Soul of a Warrior, another author’s Pet Shop (though right now that author is thinking about the title and whether or not to use a pen name, so I’m not going to step on that), and potentially another piece from an author referred to me by one of “my” authors, Rusty Fischer. Yes, I’m a mom – you’re always going to be my baby, and if you’re “my” author you’re always going to be one of “my” authors, at least as far as I’m concerned. I value relationships, and I do like to form strong relationships with “my” authors. You would think they were my children for all the buttons-popping pride I have in their book releases.

I am a little puzzled by being asked to provide examples of content editing – what do I provide? After all, the works I’ve edited aren’t mine to share with potential clients. I can cite examples in their published books, but it would be quite rude to expect a client to purchase a book (even a phenomenal book), and then really only be able to say, ‘it used to be this way, I suggested these changes.’ I think what I’ll wind up doing to avoid sharing work that isn’t mine is ask “my” authors if it’s all right for this potential client to ask them what they thought of my editing process and/or abilities. If they choose to cite examples of changes I’ve suggested that they felt were helpful that’s one thing; I just don’t feel comfortable revealing any part of their work without permission. 

On top of that, I have The Job; twelve-hour 9pm to 9am shifts two or three days on, two or three days off, depending on where in the two-week cycle I am. Plus I’m working on Smuggler’s Pursuit, and I’ve finally got Beta readers for Smuggler’s Justice – so I’m writing one and ‘living’ the last one at the same time through the eyes of my Beta readers. It has been fun to see them discovering the world I wrote, and I’m really interested to find how that world is striking them as readers. I’ve gotten some great suggestions already, and those suggestions are helping to improve my approach to Smuggler’s Pursuit as well, I think.

And the home front is always interesting as well. Little Man’s IEP was Tuesday, I had a meeting on Thursday, and Himself had a doctor’s appointment on Friday – at which I gleefully tattled on him to his doctor, since he didn’t tell the doctor that his blood pressure wasn’t actually under control, not such a good thing considering he had a nasty heart attack 10 months ago. Teenager broke up with his girlfriend, so he’s moping around the house or hanging out with the rowdy friends she didn’t approve of. *eye roll* Personally, I rather enjoyed the relative peace and quiet. I suppose I’ll have to hope that he finds a new disapproving girlfriend.



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3 responses to “Interesting Times

  1. I will happily consider myself “your” author! Feel free to send potential clients my way for questions!


  2. Even though I’m not one of your authors, I can tell you that we authors owe a lot to the copy editor. And you’ve written your third novel! You’re amazing!


    • robitille

      Thanks! :c) I love “my” authors – they’re amazing people with truly astonishing talent. I really appreciate all the hard work they put into creating their work, and even more so their willingness to continue to work on their books to polish them up to the finest final product we can collaboratively produce. The author’s job is to pull the reader in – they are the rip tide, I’m just the little imp that stole the ‘no swimming’ sign!


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