Submitting the Novel

On the Writing Front:

I don’t know if it’s an adrenaline rush or a hot flash. Some people get an adrenaline rush from base jumping, high diving, driving very fast, or running away from angry police officers. I’ve only done one of those, none of them today, and no, I’m not going to tell you which one. Today I submitted Smuggler’s Justice to Snow Books – the folks who brought us the Burton and Swinburne books that I adore. Just a few days ago I submitted Smuggler’s Justice to TOR UK during their open submission period. That’s three publishers to which I’ve submitted ‘my baby’. Considering I went straight to self-publishing for my first two books, I think that’s commendable bravery.

For me, it honestly takes less bravery to submit to a publisher than it does to submit to an agent. I have no idea why that would be. I’ve quite deliberately decided not to go to two writer’s conferences that I could, with some stretching, afford to go to simply because three-quarters of the point of these gatherings seems to be gaining the attention of an agent. I don’t know why, but agents terrify me. That, and they want, what, 15% of what little I might earn in royalties?  Nuh-uh. Money is my money… if I ever get any.

In other writing matters, I’ve been ogling male models on facebook (Milly is a bad influence!) and thinking of who might fit the bill for Eddie Williams in F.A.E.: Bitten , the first book in the F.A.E. series. Please note that I’m completely remiss in not looking for Mahrial DiSilva, but I’m fairly unrepentant. Eye candy is a good thing.  Of course, that led to an internal debate as to the suitability of David Faustino or Seth Green for Sophocles. My casting efforts are wavering! Terrible stuff.

I’ve sent off interview questions to the redoubtable Seumas Gallacher, and I’m waiting to hear back from him. In his defense, there were rather a lot of questions! I plan on posting that interview from my “virtual kitchen” as soon as possible. Seumas is a hoot!

On the Editing Front:

I’m still working on Denna Holm’s Soul of a Warrior. I’m loving the book, I just want to make sure I’ve got 99% of the typos along with the broad sweeps that way there are fewer passes back and forth – no sense harassing the author, right? She might be busy writing the next book… Seriously, Denna, I hope you’re writing the next book because I want it. I’m also working with the charming author of Pet Shop (still a working title, it may change) on somewhat more radical changes to expand the plot and the length of the book.

Other hobbies:

As if I didn’t have enough already, right? I’ve actually recorded a couple of songs to start putting together a CD of songs for Little Man to listen to at bedtime when I have to work. ‘What’ll I Do’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ are up on Soundcloud if anyone’s actually curious. I got Avid and a really good microphone and I have quite a list of songs (with lyrics all printed out) that Little Man loves. He’s a little freaked out by the ‘two Mommies’ effect of ‘Amazing Grace’, mind you, but so far he likes the music quite a bit.

On the home front:

Himself’s blood pressure is down quite nicely now, so I’m not constantly worried about that. Teenager is ‘enjoying being single’. Yeah, like I’m enjoying being fat. I think, like my lamentable circumference, he finds changing his status to be too much work. He did join that MeetMe thing, which posts on his facebook timeline – and therefore I get to see the girls he’s attempting to flirt with. Strange, but at least he’s doing something in the direction of not becoming the Forever Alone meme. Little Man is in terrible distress. Very Best Friend didn’t go to the farm with him on Wednesday, and didn’t come to school at all today. Why two days, and not even full days, of being separated from his Very Best Friend (who may or may not be his ‘Princess’ eventually) would be such an enormous deal I’m not sure – he manages the weekends all right, after all. Of course, she’s got the ‘flu, poor dear, so it may be that he heard someone say she’s sick and he’s worried about her.  Personally, I’m a bit worried because there’s a monster storm headed for New England and it’s supposed to be getting particularly nasty at just about the time I need to be commuting to work. sigh It’s a good thing I have good snow tires, but I’m still going to have to leave early.



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10 responses to “Submitting the Novel

  1. Good luck with the submissions!
    Loved the songs!
    Take care with the blizzard!


    • robitille

      Thanks, Shawna – I’m hoping that Snow Books will like it… Okay, I’ll admit I’m hoping that TOR UK will *really* like it, but that’s probably wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for the love – Little Man is a bit weirded out by Mommy’s voice coming from somewhere that clearly isn’t Mommy, but I think he’ll like the finished result. The blizzard is coming to get you too, so you take care too!


  2. Good luck! Just submitting something is a huge act of courage. TOR UK would be awesome! And we’d like some of your snow here! All we’re getting in Maryland is rain.


    • robitille

      Thanks, Cindy! It’s definitely courage for me, considering how terrified I am every time I submit – and I haven’t even gotten the courtesy of a rejection letter yet! TOR UK *would* be awesome. I’m sure you can imagine how excited I would be if that happened! :c) You can have *all* the snow as far as I’m concerned – I really don’t know what possessed me to move north when I don’t like the snow and cold! *sigh* Well, I did meet Himself up here, so I suppose it’s not all bad.


  3. Hitting that send button is terrifying. It takes me at least a whole day of staring at the computer screen and biting my fingernails off before I can do it. But you did and now it’s done! I’m sending you all kinds of positive vibes! 😀


    • robitille

      Terrifying! I don’t take that long once I decide to do it, but I can dither about whether or not I should do it at all for weeks beforehand. Done? Nope… Not done ’till it’s under contract! 😀 Thanks for the positive thoughts – I need them!


  4. Congrats on mustering the courage to do it! Best of luck to you!


  5. Melissa, you’re a gem and I wish you success in all you do!


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