Interview with Seumas Gallacher

Today I have the great pleasure of welcoming my friend Seumas Gallacher to my “virtual kitchen” for a long-overdue interview.
Seumas lives and works in exotic Abu Dhabi and has had enormous, and well-deserved, success with his action/adventure/thrillers featuring Jack Calder, Vengeance Wears BlackVengeance_Wears_Black available on Amazon here, and The Violin Man’s LegacyThe_Violin_Mans_Legacy available on Amazon here.  Recently Seumas has also released The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely NothingThe_Bloggers_Guide_To_Absolutely_Nothing available on Amazon here, which is an absolutely hilarious read and sure to brighten up your day in bite-sized pieces.
On to the Interview!

Goodness Gracious, Seumas! Come on in before the wind takes your kilt! After that video you posted I don’t think the neighbors could take it. Besides, you’ve terrible goosebumps! I know, terrible weather, it’s not Abu Dhabi – Vermont’s a cold place. What kind of tea would you like? 

S. Hello, m’Lady Melissa… how grand to be sitting in a real virtual front Kitchen at last…thanks for inviting me over… it’s nice to be here, indeed as ye get a bit older it’s nice to be ANYWHERE…I’ll thank you for a Diet Coke in lieu of the other brews thanks…

I’m all about either English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast, myself. At least for tea! No, no electric chairs, whips or chains, no dungeon. Just tea, frisky devil! Now, I’ve personally loved your books The Violin Man’s Legacy and Vengeance Wears Black. I love the fast pacing and the international intrigue! How many of the places your characters travel through have you visited yourself?

S. Well, in all modesty, I’ve travelled all over the world, and many other places…as for the locales in the novels, let’s see…Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, Germany, France, Denmark, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Gibraltar…all have had my feetprints trample them…not yet sampled South was shut when I tried to go,, or I think I had to stay in that evening to do my hair…Poland, not yet…

You really write them convincingly. Is international banking similarly exciting? Have you had interesting adventures in the course of doing your job?

S. Well if you’ve read much of the international debacles on the stock and money markets in the last four or five years, it’s not so much exciting as nerve-wrecking…in my ‘other’ role as a turnaround, trouble-shooting, management advisory person, I’ve had some scary moments …in the Far East for three years I travelled around in an armoured security van, with a rotation of armed bodyguards…so. yes, I’ve had my little wobblies here and there …oh, this must be your other half, Dana…d’ye think I could get his autograph on the back of a hundred dollar bill?…his, of course..I’m Scottish, remember …

And you live in such an exotic place! Oh, don’t mind Himself. He tends to wander through when tea’s on. He loves Vermont, though, so don’t tell that I’m hankering to move somewhere warm! I’m hoping to convince him it’s his idea – should take another twenty years or so. Is Abu Dhabi as gorgeous as the tourism photos suggest?

S. It’s the best kept secret in the world…Abu Dhabi is a great place to live…at this time of the year we get temperatures around 20C most days…there’s a lot of desert outside the city areas of course, but the modernization that’s been taking place over the last 10 years is terrific…the tourist ‘biggies’ include the Grand Mosque, which I think ranks up there with the Wonders of  the World… it is striking beautiful …as is the amazing Emirates Palace Hotel…come visit sometime…

Of course, I also love your cheeky sense of humor! Even the Teenager has laughed over a few parts of your newest book that I’ve read to him. I’d let him read them himself, but it’s *mine*! Tell me about your most recent release, ‘The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing’.

S. I’m glad Daniel gets a kick out of my stuff … a lot of it is tongue in cheek, but with a splosh of reality in there, too…The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing is a collection of selected blog posts since I began doing them last year. The idea came after being astonished with the Blogger of the Year Award.. it kinda made me think maybe people actually DO like my stuff …

You mentioned when it came out that a friend of yours convinced you to publish it. I find it hard to get together a writing group locally Do you have a lot of writer friends? Do you connect online or in person?

S. I have a particular writing buddy, the excellent Jody Ballard, whose debut novel, ‘The Smell of Mud’, is launching on Kindle on February 22… we meet at a local hotel lobby most mornings when I’m not engaged in my Management business… it’s great fun having someone around to bounce ideas off…

I love how you’re actively working to get your work to ‘go viral’. It’s really impressive when any author works hard at promoting their work. What have you found that increased your sales the most?

S. I was impressed early on with the advice from Rachel Abbott, who debuted with “Only the Innocent’ with 100,000+ downloads…she said the writing was the comparatively simple part…the harder piece was ‘building the platform,” and to treat that like a business campaign, or program, with a budget of timing as much as anything…I took that to heart, and have developed a broad base on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn and with the blog…LUVIN’ IT!!  So, I believe it’s the combination of regular presence on these channels that have produced results for me. I haven’t ventured in to the other things like Tumblr, Pin, etc, as there’s only so much budgeted time available in the day/week for me, as well as trying to run my one-man commercial business.

You also have your books in bookstores and hotel lobbies around Abu Dhabi, don’t you? How did you convince the owners to carry them? 

S. That took a lot of slog as I did it on my own… I just went round each of the big store distributors and personally sold them a deal, all on consignment basis…they sell, I collect…

I’ve also enjoyed your recent posts on music. Little Man was thrilled by the Andre Rieu ‘Amazing Grace’ with bagpipes. He ran off at the fingers for a good ten minutes afterwards before he slowed his signing down enough for me to figure out what he was saying! I used to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ to him when he was a little guy. Do you often listen to stirring and emotional music when you write? 

S. I have a yearn for ANY kinda good music, but having grown up in my teens with the 60s music, and having been the front singer for a ‘group’ back then, I like the oldies….the bagpipes ALWAYS get me buzzing…I liked your singing version of Amazing Grace…it’s a wonderful song, with gaelic origins… I sang competitively in gaelic music festivals all those years ago, and love the haunting essence of that music…I will use music when I want to get to a meditative state… (I’m not a ‘yoga ‘ type person, but I like mood music)

Well, you know me, I’m listening to punk and angry rock, but I’m also writing science fiction with a lot of action! What’s your favorite music to listen to when you’re writing intense scenes for your Jack Calder series?

S. I don’t actually listen WHILE I write…I’m able to close out the rest of the universe when I’m writing…

Do you have more Jack Calder books in the works?

S. Yes… The third, SAVAGE PAYBACK, should be done give or take by the end of the first quarter …after that I have AT LEAST two more in my head already… I think I’m creating a franchise of these now, (at least that’s what others tell me!)

I write right here at the kitchen table – what does your writing environment look like? Is there anything you like to have around when you write? 

S. The aforementioned hotel lobby is relaxing enough to write, but frankly, I can write anywhere… I just detach and get into the flow of it…

So, family! ( Shouted over the din of Teenager blasting The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black’ ) Tell me about yours. I know you’ve got at least one daughter… (aside:Turn it down! We have visitors!) Sorry about that. I think he might actually be going deaf, but at least it’s a good song. What was I asking? Oh! Sorry. Yeah. Tell me about your family.

S. Paint It Black’s one of my favourite .. a bit surprised Daniel is into that  era’s music.  My daughter is now a teenager, and the most gracious young lady I’ve ever seen… no traits of mine there, then…if she ever starts to become like me, I’ll try to persuade her otherwise…:):)

Well, Seumas, I’ve had a wonderful time chatting. Next time I have you over I’ll trip the breaker in the Teenager’s room so things aren’t quite so rowdy around here. I’ll be sure to let my friends know where they can get your books so they can enjoy them as much as I do. 

S. LUVVED BEIN’ HERE…..mwaah very plenty big…



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  1. Thanks a bundle , m’Lady … most gracious, most gracious…:):)


  2. Andy

    Fun interview. Don’t let him sing.


  3. razvan chivulescu

    nice you travel in a lot of contries! I belive that you have amazing memories!


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