Milestones in writing are funny. We, as authors, tend to divide our work up into tens. Tens of thousands of words and chapters in sets of ten seem to be the most common. I suppose what set me off on this is that I just posted chapter 10 of Catch Can on Radish, and that feels like more of an accomplishment than posting chapter 9 did, and I have the feeling that chapter 11 will also feel less important.

Publishing something – anything – can also feel like a milestone. Right now, I’m pretty excited about the Facebook cover reveal party for Betrayals of Another Kind on May 14th and 15th. I’m hosting from 7pm to 8pm on the 14th, and I do love a Facebook party. Naturally you’re all invited! There’ll be games and prizes, but probably not cake. Well, unless you have cake at home, then you can definitely have cake. Stay tuned for the release date for the Betrayals of Another Kind anthology later on this month and get your copy!

My story from the anthology is “Dragon’s Eggs Benedict” and I think you’ll like it. It’s an outtake from The Arcane Line, my urban fantasy / alternate history series. The_Arcane_Line_Logo

The first book in the series, Bitter Roots, is still a work in progress. I think you’ll like the heroine, Mahrial DiSilvanus, quite a bit.

I’ll be working on a logo for the Murphy’s Law series as well, but for the moment, I think I’ll stick to writing the next chapter of Catch Can. I’m just hoping that I can resist starting the next book in the series – In My Bucket – until I’ve finished this one!


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