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Coming up for air

I just finished round three edits of Nancy Marie Segovia’s Come Hell or High Water and Jody Kessler’s A Witch’s Fate. Wonderful books, wonderful authors, and both well worth the read – and you really can’t go wrong poking about in their backlist of books on Amazon for extras to read, either.

The fact that it’s five in the morning does not actually escape me. The feeling that my eyelids are made of coarse-grit sandpaper tells me the time better than the clock does.

I’m honestly wracking my brain for ways to promote Smuggler’s Justice, because I absolutely swear I have no idea how to market a book to save my life. I think it’s a great story, but trying to explain it in ad copy just to share in Facebook groups is much harder than it looks! I was just looking at ads on Amazon, and wouldn’t it just show to go ya? The smallest budget they’ll allow is $100. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a spare $100 laying around. Try as I might, I didn’t make that much in royalties in all of 2016. Glamorous jet-setting business this authoring is, ain’t it?

My Patreon is still at 2 patrons – I adore my patrons, both of them! I’ll be adding a short story just for them within the next week or so, once I’ve finished writing Siren’s Call. If you’d like to get in on the patron-exclusive stories becoming a patron is easy, and I’m offering some fun perks, too.

Speaking of Siren’s Call, I’m considering whether or not Madeleine’s beau-to-be should be a lion shifter, considering that she’s holding a small grudge against all lion shifters because her douche canoe ex-boyfriend was one.



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I Never Call, I Never Write…

It’s true. I neglect my blog shamelessly. I have been working quite a bit. I’ve been editing several manuscripts for “my” authors – Freedom’s Call and Come Hell or High Water for Nancy Marie Segovia, and A Witch’s Fate for Jody Kessler. I’ve also been writing under both my own name and pen names. In 2016 I published “Dragon’s Eggs Benedict” in Betrayals of Another KindWolf at the Door in Love Potion #9, an anthology of the work of 15 award-winning and USA Today Bestselling authors, “A Witch in Mill City” in Forbidden Rites, “After the Clowns” in Black Candy Halloween AnthologyLove & Magic in CELEBRATE! with the Love Brothers anthology, “Dark Meat” in Happy Holidays Horror Anthology, and Smuggler’s Justice, book 1 in my Smuggler at Large series.

I’ve also been doing the other work of publishing, both for myself as well as for other authors. I’ve formatted (and in some cases re-formatted) books for Rita Brumm and Joe Harwell for both print and ebook. I’ve created book covers for Joe Harwell, Mark McQuillen, and of course for my own books. I actually went just a tiny bit overboard and I put together the covers for the first 15 Murphy’s Law series books! I need to get that ambitious for the Arcane Line series and for the Smuggler at Large series.

I’m still improving my skills with Skillshare courses – constant improvement is the key to keeping your mind active and agile. 🙂 I’m testing the waters with co-writing several stories. I continue to webmaster for The American Coton Club, I’ve just recently built a website for another author, and I’ll be building another website for a potential publishing business partnership in the very near future.

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Getting Organized

I love software. I have more programs and apps to organize myself and my writing than any human being actually needs. I have so many programs that I may need a program to organize my programs.

That said, I like Scapple better than MindMap, even though I was highly unappreciative of having to pay for software. I haven’t used it to its full potential yet, and I do still have plenty of use for MindMap so I can’t possibly get rid of that, but I do like the way Scapple doesn’t limit you on the number of ideas that you can associate with a central idea.

I like Scrivener for almost all of my own writing. Now, considering that I like both Scapple and Scrivener you’ll likely think that I’m a Literature and Latte addict, but that’s not quite so. I also use Snowflake Pro and I can’t think of anything better for expanding a core idea into a full-blown outline. Word, on the other hand, is what I use for editing because I haven’t found anything else fairly universally used with a decent ‘track changes’ feature. Even with all that said, I still wind up using NotePad to jot down any number of things, and Excel instead of an address book like a normal person.

No matter how easy Scrivener is to use for organizing a single project, I haven’t found it to be all that great at organizing series, particularly when you’ll have dozens of books in a series and you need a ‘Bible’ to keep the series world facts organized so you don’t break your own canon by accident. I just started using PBworks to organize the ‘Bibles’ for my three series and several stand-alone books. It’s just easier to keep it all in one place. Considering that The Arcane Line series and Murphy’s Law series both take place in the same ‘universe’ – though at very different times – I definitely needed somewhere to ‘world build’. Smuggler at Large (yes, that series finally got a name for the series as a whole) takes place over extremely long periods of time and vast distances, so it’s probably a good idea to keep all those details in one place too. I’m not sure how PBworks will help with my stand-alone novels, but having all my notes in one place certainly can’t hurt.

Now if only I could get the rest of my life organized… That would be nice.


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