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Coming up for air

I just finished round three edits of Nancy Marie Segovia’s Come Hell or High Water and Jody Kessler’s A Witch’s Fate. Wonderful books, wonderful authors, and both well worth the read – and you really can’t go wrong poking about in their backlist of books on Amazon for extras to read, either.

The fact that it’s five in the morning does not actually escape me. The feeling that my eyelids are made of coarse-grit sandpaper tells me the time better than the clock does.

I’m honestly wracking my brain for ways to promote Smuggler’s Justice, because I absolutely swear I have no idea how to market a book to save my life. I think it’s a great story, but trying to explain it in ad copy just to share in Facebook groups is much harder than it looks! I was just looking at ads on Amazon, and wouldn’t it just show to go ya? The smallest budget they’ll allow is $100. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a spare $100 laying around. Try as I might, I didn’t make that much in royalties in all of 2016. Glamorous jet-setting business this authoring is, ain’t it?

My Patreon is still at 2 patrons – I adore my patrons, both of them! I’ll be adding a short story just for them within the next week or so, once I’ve finished writing Siren’s Call. If you’d like to get in on the patron-exclusive stories becoming a patron is easy, and I’m offering some fun perks, too.

Speaking of Siren’s Call, I’m considering whether or not Madeleine’s beau-to-be should be a lion shifter, considering that she’s holding a small grudge against all lion shifters because her douche canoe ex-boyfriend was one.



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A New Job… Maybe

It’s a verbal job offer, pending yet another background check. This one is supposed to take much less time, so that’s something, but it’s still ‘pending’. So, not a full-fledged ‘yes, you have a job’, but it’s looking hopeful. Did I do anything with submitting Smuggler’s Justice to a publisher or querying an agent today? Nope. I had this huge packet of paperwork to fill out for the background check! Honestly, some of that stuff I didn’t remember and had to look up myself.

What was my biggest challenge? The references. They couldn’t be relatives, current or former employers, or current/former teachers or professors. Well…  I’m a bit of a hermit. Who else do I know? This question had me stumped for hours. You think that’s impossible? Trust me, it’s entirely possible. Just trying to think of any people who have known me ‘well’ for any length of time at any point in my life is a challenge. It all boils down to that ‘works and plays well with others’ issue. I can work just fine with just about anyone, but I still don’t play. I’m a workaholic. I seriously don’t play. Sometimes I wish that I did. Sometimes what other people do looks like fun. Then I remember trying that activity before and not much liking it or I’ll realize that the activity doesn’t exactly “go” with being a wife and mother and Responsible Adult and I’ll party poop myself right out of any fun whatever it was might have been.

Sounds like a ‘poor me’ moment, doesn’t it? It really isn’t. Surprisingly enough, I’m happy when I’m by myself, thinking my own thoughts, dreaming up the next story idea, reading, or working. Being with other people is much harder work for me than any 18 hour work marathon I put myself through.

It isn’t as if I don’t have friends, even friends who know me well, but they’re scattered across the country, even the world. We talk constantly via e-mail and know as many of each other’s trials, tribulations, triumphs, and tragedies as any group of friends ever does. I’ve known these amazing women for over 14 years, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world even if we never see each other face-to-face. So, for all that I really had to scramble to find anyone not-a-relative and not an associate on a professional level to vouch for me, I’m finishing off the day immensely thankful for the friends I have and how very dear they are to me.

On the home front:

My little boy felt much better today and had a good day at school despite having to have The Dreaded Physical Therapy on Tuesday instead of its regularly scheduled Friday. His PT loves him to bits, but he does not like her! I think it takes enormous heart to go into children’s PT; if you love and want to help children it must be so painful to see them cry when they see you coming.

My big boy got the job he was interviewed for and starts on Friday. He’s very excited and pleased with himself.

And… Himself (that would be Dana, my husband) finished Beta reading Smuggler’s Justice and says, “It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through, and then when you get to the end it keeps you perched right there wanting the next book! By the way, Honey, when are you writing that?” That’s possibly the best review for my writing he’s ever given. Usually he’s more apt to say, “It’ll do,” or, “It’s all right.”

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