Author Interview with Melissa Robitille

Aris’s interview with me for Forbidden Rites.

Into the Mind of the Writer

Introducing an author of “Forbidden Rites.”

  1. What genre are your books?

I write speculative fiction, which includes fantasy, science fiction, horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stories based on ‘what if?’

  1. What draws you to this genre?

    Me_02_14_01 Copyright © Melissa Robitille

I enjoy imagining entirely different worlds where anything can happen.

  1. What project are you working on at the moment?

I always have several projects going at a time, but my major project is a paranormal romance which is a crossover novella between my Murphy’s Law series and Liz Crowe’s Love Brothers series for a holiday boxed set with Ms. Crowe and a group of other authors.

  1. What’s it about?

Detective Andrew Munroe leaves Mill City with a broken heart and a tarnished record and moves to Lucasville, KY. There he meets Tricia Shelton in unfortunate circumstances – her ex is stalking her, and she needs protection…

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