I Never Call, I Never Write…

It’s true. I neglect my blog shamelessly. I have been working quite a bit. I’ve been editing several manuscripts for “my” authors – Freedom’s Call and Come Hell or High Water for Nancy Marie Segovia, and A Witch’s Fate for Jody Kessler. I’ve also been writing under both my own name and pen names. In 2016 I published “Dragon’s Eggs Benedict” in Betrayals of Another KindWolf at the Door in Love Potion #9, an anthology of the work of 15 award-winning and USA Today Bestselling authors, “A Witch in Mill City” in Forbidden Rites, “After the Clowns” in Black Candy Halloween AnthologyLove & Magic in CELEBRATE! with the Love Brothers anthology, “Dark Meat” in Happy Holidays Horror Anthology, and Smuggler’s Justice, book 1 in my Smuggler at Large series.

I’ve also been doing the other work of publishing, both for myself as well as for other authors. I’ve formatted (and in some cases re-formatted) books for Rita Brumm and Joe Harwell for both print and ebook. I’ve created book covers for Joe Harwell, Mark McQuillen, and of course for my own books. I actually went just a tiny bit overboard and I put together the covers for the first 15 Murphy’s Law series books! I need to get that ambitious for the Arcane Line series and for the Smuggler at Large series.

I’m still improving my skills with Skillshare courses – constant improvement is the key to keeping your mind active and agile. 🙂 I’m testing the waters with co-writing several stories. I continue to webmaster for The American Coton Club, I’ve just recently built a website for another author, and I’ll be building another website for a potential publishing business partnership in the very near future.


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